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Get Nursing Education for a Fulfilling Nursing Career

One of the securest jobs that you can have today is a nursing job. Getting a nursing school education is the best way to be able to have a great nursing career. There are many job opportunities for nurses, so if your finish your nursing school education, then you can soon have a job that is secure.

There are three pathways that you can take if you want to enter the nursing field. You can become a CNA or a certified nursing assistant, an LPN or a licensed practical nurse, or an RN, a registered nurse. Some of these pathways will take a shorter time to finish but all of it will lead you to a nursing career.

If you choose to become a CNA, then you can start working within about a month of less. They have a very short training and certification process and if you are able to complete this, they you will be earning an hourly rate depending on where you live. The work of a CAN is to assist the LPNs and RNs is providing care for patients and doing nurse tasks which is supervised by a nurse. Your work as a CNA will give you the best practical experience in nursing and you can continue doing this while you are pursuing a higher position.

If you want to become an LPN you need to go to a licensed practical nursing school. With an LPN education, you can further your nursing career. You can start earning a big salary once you complete your education under 2 years. An LPN also take care of patients and basic nursing tasks while being supervised by an RN. When you are working as an LPN, you can continue studying to become an RN going to school part time. Although many have proceeded to become an RN by completing their RN nursing education, some have chosen to stay as an LPN.

The highest paid type of nurse is the RN and the one with the most responsibility. In most hospital and medical institutions RNs are in charge of a team of LPNs. RNs are responsible to organize things and make sure that proper care is being given to all the patients. An RNs career is both stressful and rewarding at the same time. An RN receives a very good pay and benefits for her career.

Whatever type of nursing you take, entering a nursing school is a very wise career choice. You will have a secure job as a nurse if you continue doing the task given to you. A nurse gets paid well and she will also have the opportunity to be of help to others which can greatly give her the a satisfying and rewarding kind of life.

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